Peer-reviewed Journals and Contents

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Non Peer-reviewed Journals and Contents

  • Natalia Shepeleva, Werner Zellinger, Michal Lewandowski, Bernhard Moser, "ReLU Code Space: A Basis for Rating Network Quality Besides Accuracy", ICLR Workshop on Neural Architecture Search, April 2020,
  • Rafa Galvez, Veelasha Moonsamy, Claudia Diaz, "Less is More: A privacy-respecting Android malware classifier using Federated Learning", Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, pp. 96 – 116, 2021,
  • Bernhard A. Moser, "Computer Implementiertes Verfahren zur Bewertung der Integrität von Neuronalen Netzen" (Method for the integrity evaluation of neural networks) International Patent PCT/EP2019/072830, filed 27th August 2019 (priority date 10th of Sept. 2018; DPMA S2959)

Conferences / Workshops

  • Werner Zellinger, Volkmar Wieser, Mohit Kumar, David Brunner, Natalia Shepeleva, Rafa Galvez, Josef Langer, Lukas Fischer, and Bernhard Moser, "Beyond federated learning: On confidentiality-critical machine learning applications in industry." International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, November 2020,
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Master and Doctoral Thesis

  • Werner Zellinger, "Moment-based domain adaptation: Learning bounds and algorithms." Doctoral thesis (JKU Linz), April 2020,
  • Davide Deidda, "Towards Countering Physical Adversarial Attacks On Deep Learning For Face Recognition." Master's thesis (UNI Cagliari), August 2020.